Pan Avalon

'The joy of abundant natural life, pure as the sunlight and the wind.'

Starting my Druidic Journey: Becoming a Bard

For Yule last year, I was invited to attend a meeting of a local Druidic Grove (a ‘grove’ is what Druids term their gatherings). I was told to bring ‘something that I best like to eat or drink’, and that... Continue Reading →


Samhain: My Personal Practices

Samhain Sunrise, Dorset, 2016. Credit: Pan Avalon. Each year for the past five or so years my mum and I have gone on a UK holiday around the time of either the Autumn Equinox or Samhain (Halloween). This year we... Continue Reading →

The Spiral of Time and the Thinning of the Veil

Image: Moonrise over Glastonbury Tor, Samhain 2015. Credit: Pan Avalon. I’ve been thinking a lot about time, lately. It’s largely to do with the thinning of the veil at this time of year. I seem to feel it thinning far... Continue Reading →

Honouring my path

Image: The path down from Glastonbury Tor. Sunset, Samhain 2015. Credit: Pan Avalon. Around the recent Autumn Equinox, I had the great pleasure of meeting Professor Ronald Hutton for lunch. An esteemed academic at the University of Bristol, and long-time friend... Continue Reading →

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